Dual-band ADS-B-in Receiver

Product description:

The AVIONIX Dual-band ADS-B Receiver is a portable 1090ES and UAT978 ADS-B-in device targeting the small aircraft and general aviation sector. The device has integrated GPS module, barometric pressure sensor and WiFi module to send the received traffic and weather information and  over GDL90 to any Electronic Flight Bag application. Receives FIS-B and TIS-B information messages transmitted by UAT ground stations in the vicinity.

High sensitive frontend for stable reception over long distances.


FollowMe Beacon offers:

      Embedded GNSS module and barometric sensor

      Low power consumption, runs 7h on the embedded battery

      5-15V power input on USB-C

      Received weather and traffic information is sent in GDL90 protocol on Wi-Fi to major GA traffic awareness applications on mobile phones or tablets

      Data recording on SD card

      OLED status display

      Single antenna for reception on 978 and 1090 MHz

      Works with all major electronic flight bag (EFB) applications