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Welcome to AVIONIX

Air Traffic Surveillance and Analysis Solutions

AVIONIX is a provider of air traffic surveillance and analysis solutions. User friendly and reliable systems combined with a high degree of customer orientation form the basis of our business. Close cooperation with Universities allow the development of innovative and cost-effective next-generation solutions based on innovations and the newest technologies.

Software Development

Our main motivation is to provide adaptable, user-friendly and cost-efficient solutions in the aviation area.

  • Web and Application Development
  • Software Quality and System Testing
  • Traffic Visualsation and Big Data Analysis
  • ASTERIX generation and analysis tools

Hardware Development, Installation and Maintenance

AVIONIX develops and produces our receiver and tracking hardware solutions in house. We care about installing, launching and maintaining all components.

  • Development of surveillance receivers (ADS-B, MLAT, FLARM, Remote ID) and other technical components
  • (Preventive) IT-Maintenance (2nd and/or 3rd level)
  • Worldwide provision of equipment and introduction of IT-systems
  • After-sale care and change request management

Consulting, Project Management and Networking

The experience of our team gained during years of practical involvement in Airport and ATC projects is used to identify and satisfy customer needs with a focus on efficiency, safety and reliability.

  • Support in specific areas: A-CDM, A-SMGCS, Airport Planning, AOCC etc.
  • Support for Project, Offer and Tender Management
  • Documentation and Reviews
  • Training
  • Site Acceptance Tests

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