UAT978 Ground Station

Product description:

The AVIONIX UAT978 Ground Station is a high-performance UAT Ground Station. It implements TIS-B and FIS-B broadcast services according requirements in RTCA DO-282 and FAA-E-3006.

The device embeds a powerful multi-core processor that allows FIS-B and TIS-B processing, a web-based CMS application and custom applications on request. Data can be sourced via the embedded LTE modem from the default data provider. 

The station is time synchronized to GNSS and fulfills the timestamping requirements that allow implementing the airborne passive ranging function. 

The station is currently rolled out in multiple countries in Europe in course of performing trials.

The UAT978 Ground Station offers:

  • Implements TIS-B and FIS-B broadcast services on the 978 MHz frequency
  • Integrated 978 MHz receiver to monitor own transmissions
  • Implements relevant requirements from RTCA DO-282B
  • Transmission power on 978 MHz is 40W at antenna output
  • Web interface for monitoring and control
  • Advanced decoding techniques, CRC correction
  • Ethernet LAN and integrated LTE/4G modem for communication
  • Designed for 24×7 operation in outdoor environment 
  • Compact and high reliability
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Embedded cavity band-pass filters to comply to  regulations 
  • 110-240VAC power input