FollowMe Beacon

Product description:

The FollowMe Beacon represents a fully featured and cost-effective small aircraft or drone tracking solution. The tracker transmits continuously the 3D position and speed vector following the ADS-L standard on the 868 MHz frequency and/or transmitting Remote ID as WiFi and Bluetooth beacons. 

This way it can be used both for manned and unmanned for making aircraft visible on flight tracking services like Open Glider Network, flightradar24 and SafeSky and to other conspicuity devices in the vicinity. It can be used for real-time tracking, e.g. live competition display and commentary.



FollowMe Beacon offers:

  • Embedded GNSS module
  • 25mW RF output power on 868MHz
  • Transmits own position in ADS-L, OGN, Fanet formats
  • Transmit Remote ID on 2.4GHz WiFi and Bluetooth
  • 5V input power on USB-C connector
  • Low power consumption, up to 6h runtime on embedded Li-Ion battery
  • Information about surrounding traffic situation is sent on USB serial interface or WiFi to compatible major GA traffic awareness applications on mobile phones or tablets
  • Relays positions of other aircraft filling the gaps in the receiver network coverage
  • Position of registered beacons are displayed on flightradar24.com and similar tracking services
  • Delivers improved situational awareness